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“When you walk through a home produced by Sandra Costa, it's like taking a journey into an inspiring environment that blends classic design with casual elegance." The historical “Stonehouse” located in the village of Les Taillades, Provence, attracted Costa’s interest after she had a vision she once lived there in the 15th century. Costa was asked by the owners of the property to work with the local architect and then returned to Los Angeles to manufacture and select the custom furnishings, draperies and carpets. Everything was then shipped to Provence providing the family with a charming country retreat. “The Stone House is an amazing place filled with charm and history. It was a pleasure to work there “says Costa. Sandra Costa is an international interior designer with work in Australia,
Hong Kong, Beijing, Canada and the United States. She develops her style, by drawing on inspiration from all parts of the globe and states she is comfortable with all genres of design. Sandra Costa specializes in expert consultation and estate management with successful projects such as the Hilton Development Brentwood Country Estates, Downtown’s Los Angeles Skyline Development,
The Bel Air Estates, Beijing. Included in her clientele are celebrities and international projects with her work featured in, Metro Design, Recognized, Flossin, El Décor, Architectural Digest, LA Times, Fine Living, Daily Celebs, New Zealand Edge, CDé, Peoplemagazine,
In Hollywood Magizine, Home andGarden Television, E Entertainment, El Opinion, Sotheby’s Great Estates, Malibu Times,For Sale by, Design Journal Distinctive Homes, and is currently the featured designer on BeverlyHills


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