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Marie-Claude Rogier is an "architecte d' interieur" or French Interior Designer, Decorator and Architect in Provence, France. Her office is located next door to the Palace of the Popes in the medieval city of Avignon, Provence. Marie-Claude specializes in renovating old historical buildings in this area dating back as far as the 11th century but is also adept in designing restaurants, cinemas, modern houses, hotels, and boutiques.

The area of Provence is well known for stone and ironwork. Most of the castles, churches, chapels, houses and even farmhouses of days gone by are made in stone. Walls can be as thick as two meters. Northern exposure windows are small to fend off the impromptu but persistent "mistral" wind. Working in conjunction with the proper antiquities and zoning authorities in France can be daunting but due to Marie-Claude's long expertise and experience in the region, she knows how to get the official licenses and permissions so necessary in her line of work. Finding craftsmen who understand the architecture of a 12th century building has not been easy.
Marie-Claude Rogier has recruited such a team of Masons, Carpenters,
Furniture Makers, Iron Workers, Painters specialized in Provencal
wall treatment, upholsterers and curtain makers.

Without the assistance of Marie-Claude Rogier  from Avignon and Sandra Costa from Los Angeles the stonehouse in Les Taillades would have never become what it is today.


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